Wednesday, 14 November 2012

NEW Book Highlights

He who dares nothing need hope for nothing.

– Anonymous

Introductory  Note :

Before we start, few note on my previous publications, this is the fourth combined, revised abridged, advance edition, prior to this 1st  & 3rd  publications were printed in large quantity, sent across the country, abroad .including gulf region.

2nd publication was limited edition and very bulky, large enough to carry/read it. Though it was in details about  ALL 5 Ps. (Perform, Progress, Prosper, Personality Program), which was enlarged edition.

This one is 4th publication of mine, an extension & continuation of same but no way duplication of what is being said earlier. Already we had enough of stories quotes from all scriptures. But, innovative ideas with regrouping of chapters.

New topics are added with workshop conducted by me. Viz. 5 Ts. Teachers’ Training Program with Technology Transformation. Role of Social media with NGOs. Social service organizations, Not for Profit but for social cause.

            Cloud computing,  information collection and distribution, storage and dissemination of the same through network.  Lastly, Th!nk, think twice, think before any action, Think out of box. Think beyond the limitations of mind, area of operations. Think beyond the geographical boundaries, so that you can ACT fast. Th!nk BIG, Think Globaly, ACT locally.

my next book on 12.12.12

Assalam Aliakum.
Each time you get rejected, say: When:  “NEXT !” ------Mark Victor Hansen.
I am  sending soft copy of my ALL publications, requesting you to give me feedback.
Should you desire to get print copy, pl send me your complete postal address, you will receive the same within 15 days, at least one of them..(in India only)
your critical evaluation /suggestions will help me to improve upon the same, insha Allah my next book due on 12.12.12.. pl await the details soon.
p.s.: (I also share humour, many time as my initials are HA HA  ?? guess that , no prizes,, but more humour mail you may get, as we all are stressed in our normal life, laughter is best medicine..) you can also go to my web page on face book also my video on utube.

“Illiteracy is a form of slavery!”. “We can’t wastes time blaming anyone. We need to become obsessed with teaching people how to read!” It is kind of exploitation by the upper echelon of society, by keeping others illiterate or uneducated.
“A person who does not read a good book is as good or as bad as a person who can’t” Marl Twain.


linked in is professional friendship to know and understand each other and their work..
to share the experience..

i personally, motivate people, at time i enjoy humour with them in stressful life..

WE /you have to learn and do a lot for uplfitment of lower strata of society.
Last year on  11.11.11. I published a unique book named as <5Ps.> a book on
“Personality, Performance , Progressive, Prosperity, Program”.
In line with my first –“Introduction to Personality Development Program”  (Jan. 2010) and  second one above, and third one “PerformàReform OR Perish”. ( 2-6-10)
Fourth one , NEW Enlarged, Advanced, Combined, Revised edition of extension of Programs to be published on 12.12.12.
Please await the title (already decided and fixed) and release on net, soon on due date.