Saturday, 15 December 2012

E-M-Power- e-m-p-O-w-e-r

empower à E-M-P-O-W-E-R.
e-m-power àe-m-power.
E-M-powerà e-m-power.
E-m-Power àaim for power.
e-M-Powerà Aim for Mind power.
How many ways you can write. Th!nk?
What does E M stands for and Acronym of POWER.
E àEducational power. Academics.
MàMind – Mental power. Sharpening.
P à Political power. Sociological.
Oà Organizational power. Team & Networking
Wà Word Powerà Wealth of knowledge.
E à Economic power à Money & Finance.
R à Regeneration power Reuse, recycle, refine.
Empowerment within available resources-your capacity to learn more!. Find out What ‘Opportunities’ are available within this.
In middle of “emp‘O’wer.
Published by ‘Alif Academy’ for private circulation only.
Edited and compiled by Husain Ali (‘Hadi’).

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